Ben Dupree
Biographical information
Full Name
Ben Dupree
The best friend
May 5th, 1999
Resides In
Physical Description
Hair Color
Dark brown
Eye Color
Personal Information
Father John Dupree (Farther Name)
Griffin Bing (Best friend)
Amanda Benson (crush)
Darren Vader
Melissa Bing

Production Information

Ben Slovak

is a main character in Swindle. He's the son of an inventor. On a scale of 1 to nerd-alert, Ben's only a pair of glasses and suspenders short of tipping the scale. He lives for the day that his mega-crush, Amanda Benson notices him but until then, he's perfectly content with being best friends with his partner in crime, Griffin Bing. Ben's the only person in the world who doesn't want anything from his pal, and though he doesn't have any outstanding skills up front, he'll definitely come in handy when it counts!

Ben is portrayed by Chris O'Neal.


Ben was born to an inventor and a woman. They were in debt when Ben and Griffin obtained the the rare baseball card which was worth 1.2 million dollars (which they didn't know).

Ben didn't know this and sold it to a local dealer who bought it for a few hundred dollars saying they were lucky to get that much for it. The next day Ben was watching television where he watched as the dealer was advertising the card and revealing its real worth, greatly unpsetting Ben as he lost the chnace to save his family from being in debt, and having to move away to his aunt's farm in the countryside. Griffin then promised him he would get it back from the "jerk" starting the adventure and creation of the Swindle six.




  • Ben's last name was changed from Slovak to Dupree.


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