He is an inventor.

Inventions Edit

  • Vole-Be-Gone - It is an invention that is supposed to kill voles.
  • Fruit Pick - It is an invention that is supposed to pick fruits in places that the buyer cannot reach. It appeared at the end of Showoff.

Relationships Edit

Griffin Bing Edit

In Swindle (novel), while with Ben Dupree, after his father asks what he is up to, he says that he is trying to make up a code for school when he is really trying to find out what the code to Wendell S. Palomino's shop is. This indicates that Griffin Bing often uses his father in his plans.

In Showoff, he tricks his father into using the Apple Pick to crash Luthor's dog show. This indicates that Griffin Bing thinks his father's inventions are reckless.

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