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Paul Swindell
Biographical information
Full Name
Paul Swindell
The Swindler, Swindell, Little Man, Man with Ze Unfortunate Haircut (LeFavre)
Con Artist
Resides In
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information

Production Information
Portrayed By
Fred Ewanuick

Swindell serves as the antagonist of the film as he's the man that scammed Griffin and Ben into giving him a card worth $1.2 million by buying it off them for $300. 

He stole candy from a baby, from old ladies, and from dogs. He insists that there is an accent on the back half


  • Everyone mistakes the pronunciation of his name. The swindle six call him Swindle but his name is pronounced Swindell and, in his own words, accented on the back half. Because of this people who encounter him (an example is the receptionist in the Lakeside hotel) call him Swindle but later Swindell when he corrects them.
  • He likes Mu Shu a Chinese take away.
  • He has an alarm system that will be armed in 30 seconds.
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