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Savannah Westcott
Biographical information
Full Name
Savannah Gracshire Westcott
The Actress
April 19 or August 9th or January 9th, 1999
Resides In
Physical Description
Hair Color
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Production Information
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Savannah Gracshire Westcott is a main character in Swindle. Shamanmamamamamamamamsmsmsme'll tell anyone how agonizing her freshman experience was, and how she was "The stale bread in a torn lunch bag." Luckily, her theatrics come in handy when her crew's in need of some improv characters, because, in her eyes, it's what she's born to do.

Savannah is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.


  • Savvanah has an inside crush on Darren Vader and cares about him.
  • Savannah dresses up as a nun, a news reporter and a assisting mugger all in the space of one of the scenes.[1]
  • For some reason, Savannah takes the role of the actor in the tenmhjjjh,gam when compared to the book the actor role would be Logan's responsibility and Savannah would be the team's animal specialist (a tool that is very important to over come the iconic guard dog Luthor).
  • Her father is an actor.
  • Her portrayer, Jennette McCurdy, and Darren's portrayer (Noah Munck) both played in Icarly.


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